Dear Ninja,
I had a pretty body-positive day today so I decided to take some risque pictures (I haven’t done this in a while). I was reading Van Gogh (and ripping out my favorite pictures to tape to my walls) so I decided to do something with the color blue. I have been obsessing over blue a lot and I’ve been getting over some depression lately and I’m still sad and confused sometimes but still a lot more comfortable with not being sure of things and I’m a lot more comfortable in my skin (just got out of an unhealthy relationship). Anyway, here’s something blue :)

The blues will pass, but it’s good to find inspiration while feeling them. It’s great you’ve gotten out of an unhealthy relationship now you can focus on building a better one with yourself to better prepare you to find a healthy relationship next time. Thanks for your honesty and sharing some of your sexy energy with us.